One Way to Be a Life-long Learner

I’ve heard it said that you can get a university-level education in two years simply by listening to audiobooks in your car each day during your commute.

Listening. Makes you smarter than the guy in the car next to you jamming to Guns N Roses.

Listening. Makes you smarter than the guy in the car next to you jamming to Guns N Roses, and I like Guns N Roses — just for the record.

I don’t know if that’s true or not. But I do know that I’ve adopted the practice of listening to audiobooks during my commute instead of news or music. (learn how to avoid letting the news give you a negative attitude)

As a result, I often look forward to my commuting time. I’m also often educated on many topics outside of my career field. And in my career field, I’m always listening to the latest books to ensure my skills and knowledge are up-to-date. My habit has repeatedly paid me back over and over in so many ways.

In the 90’s I was a sales representative. My commute was 90 minutes one-way from Jonestown to York, Pennsylvania. What I learned listening to cassette tapes made me realize we can change what comes out of us just by changing what goes in to our minds. Oh, and yes, cassette tapes…if you don’t know what those are I’m not going to tell you because I already sense you laughing. For those of you that do know what they are — remember that lovely crunching sound as the tape gets chewed at the best part of the song? That sucked, huh? I’m getting sidetracked.

Don't know what this is? It's ok, your grandkids will laugh at you for having to plug things in. Then we'll be even.

Don’t know what this is? It’s ok, your grandkids will laugh at you for having to plug things in. Then we’ll be even.

This one habit of listening to audiobooks has changed my life, several times.

I often arrive at work inspired by something I’ve just learned and want to apply. I find myself tolerating traffic delays without stress since I get to listen to my audiobooks longer. I sometimes listen to the same book, more than once, just to ensure I’m not missing anything.

Think about it — all of the information you probably need in your career, your life, your relationships is probably just waiting to be listened to with the time you ALREADY HAVE each day in your car.

Why not take that time to educate yourself and build on your lifetime knowledge — finances, languages, hobbies, new careers, motivational content and so much more?

I know, I know — once in a while it’s awesome to just turn up the stereo and jam. But when we think about the opportunity we have to keep learning and expanding our minds, lives and relationships — what an opportunity to use the time we already spend in our cars.

I just finished several books from the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, by Robert Kiyosaki. I’m addicted. Since revisiting this habit, I’m up to about 15 books in the past 25 weeks…maybe give it a shot and find something fun that interests you too?

Full stop here. There is one major exception to my advice above. If and when you can ever jam like these two guys — please forget about the audiobook for four minutes and just enjoy living in the moment…

Author: Jason Small

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